Not Just Us

Saw Them The first time I got on a plane was to head to Tahiti with my parents, including my 8 months pregnant mom and my four year old little sister on a 24 h. flight with only one stop in the middle for the plane to reload for gas. For some mysterious and unknown … More Not Just Us

Make Changes

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle The rate that we consume and dispose of our waste is an important factor that contributes to pollution and then global warming. This floating trash pool picture made the top page of an article in writen by Tailor Hill and stating that plastic waste into Ocean has been on the rise.  A new … More Make Changes

What’s Next?

Reduce Reuse Recycle Recycling a plastic bottle or two isn’t going to directly make major changes towards pollution, but looking at it from a different perspective could give us better results. Challenging our everyday habits, and be willing to improve them to an extent that it becomes the regular standards of our everyday lifestyles could … More What’s Next?

A Step Forward!

I think a great way to look at it is to move forward and one step at a time. There is many aspects in life to look to move forward but in this blog it will be to improve our lifestyles, well being and all it’s surroundings!  Healthy Food Healthy Me! To start of, what … More A Step Forward!

How I started

Have you ever wondered what’s all the fuss about recycling, and all the advertisement in going green? What’s behind this new trend and why are we going as natural as possible. Beside my small existence of twenty-six years of life I had the chance to travel and live in different countries such as France, Germany, England, Tunisia, Tahiti and the USA where I experienced many cultural differences… … More How I started