A Step Forward!

I think a great way to look at it is to move forward and one step at a time. There is many aspects in life to look to move forward but in this blog it will be to improve our lifestyles, well being and all it’s surroundings!

 Healthy Food Healthy Me!

To start of, what about the food that we eat?  Do we overlook at the main purpose of food. According to

Gary L. Wenk, a Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience & Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics food feed our brain’s need without considering the potential toxicity it may have on our body. Then our way of thinking and perceiving may greatly influenced by the food we eat. That may explains why people eating healthy feels and look happier.

One of my favorite dinner to cook, homemade Mediterranean plate. Photo: Marie Delaney.

He also explains about the complex relationship between neurotransmitters and and certain molecules released from food, that stimulates the brain such as caffeine, chocolate and sugar in which they create a dependence when consumed on a regular basis. As he was explaining the brain depend on the release of dopamine which is essential to our well being.  All this to say that healthy eating is very important to proper brain function as well as the rest of our body.

The above picture is one of my favorite meal to cook, I call it the Mediterranean plate. I chose to show you this one because it covers a broad variety of Food/nutrients 😉 while remaining low in sugar and bad fats.

Sometimes an overwhelming busy life make us forget how important that is. To all those that do not have time or know how to cook meals, I presented one of my favorite snack

Phot0: Marie Delaney.

that is very easy to make, healthy and cheap! I think that you are going to realize that yes I don’t like to break the bank when I don’t have to! (my husband call it cheap!)

As simple as it looks it is crackers with Greek yogurt and fruit preserve and/or honey. As a tip when I shop for a kind of crackers I look for the ingredients before anything else. I want to make sure that the grains are minimally processed, that is “unbleached” and “whole”.

Then I use yogurt. Yogurt is a great dairy product that contains many health benefits. According to an article from Web MD “All yogurts are excellent sources of calcium, potassium, protein, zinc, and vitamins B6 and B12.” I personally use yogurt for a lot of various purposes such as salad dressings, sweet or salty yogurt dip, smoothies, topping for baked potatoes and baked goods. Finally I put on top some fruit spread and honey. I try to watch the amount of sugar and make sure that it is at least 75% fruits. An even healthier tip is to replace it with whole berries, yum!12247980_10153833554381037_6995374476196759682_o

Go Green Go!

So let me first say the obvious! That it will promote more  health through exercising and second that it is very ecological as it doesn’t pollute! Finally it is free, you may save a lot on gas and time having to go to the gym buy adopting a regular routine!

Another goal of mine is to get a workout on a regular basis. I feel so lucky to live about 5 minutes from the beach in Daytona Beach Florida. There so much to see and so many opportunities around to get a good workout either going to the beach, walking in a trail, or just around a park. Water is almost at every

River side, Daytona beach Fl.

corner!  Plus the weather is nice almost all year long!  As a Floridian resident that I have been for the past year and half I thought of using my bike instead of my car but the lack of bicycle track changed my mind, at least for now. Being the mother of two children, I must take safety issue very seriously. Some changes are about to happen, maybe not in Daytona Beach yet but projects have already started  to built bicycle routes across the country with new and existing roads such as trails. I think this is very exciting in many ways.

Grenada bridge, Ormond beach Fl.

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