Make Changes

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The rate that we consume and dispose of our waste is an important factor that contributes to pollution and then global warming.

Photo: Rosemary Calvert/Getty Images.

This floating trash pool picture made the top page of an article in writen by Tailor Hill and stating that plastic waste into Ocean has been on the rise.  A new study found between 15 to 51 trillion trash in the ocean. About “10 times than scientists have previously estimated”. They also explain that consequences into Marine life is unknown.

Setting New Habits

The country of Sweden took the global issue very seriously and became one of the “world leader in the field of waste energy”. About 99% of their waste is being recycled and they adopted effective methods that encourage people to separate different recycling materials. And any non-recyclable material is being incinerated and then released heat is used as energy. The revolutionary solution attracted some neighboring countries that will pay Sweden to  dispose process their waste.

We can do it!

Growing up in France, we used to recycle so much. I remember going with my dad to the recycling trash bins

This stylish recycle bin can be found at the Ikea store. 

when I was a kid. I love tossing the glass bottles and hearing them smash! Fun thing to do for a kid! We  recycled so many different materials. While visiting the Ikea store located in Orlando, I saw they were selling stack able recycling bins. I thought that it was such of a great invention! It could get someone to be more motivated in recycling different materials while keeping it in order. As long term lifestyle changes is the goal we must develop new habits to adopt and get to comfortable with.

Just Recycle Just do it!

These are all standards that we set to ourselves. If we really care about something we will do everything within our position to make it happen!

12273674_10153833570581037_9143319518544617716_o (1)
Tea package at the left and water bottle at the right. Photo: Marie Delaney.

do everything within our position to make it happen.








A Shoe made of Trash.


A shoe made of what? Trash you heard me! But not any kind of trash, ocean plastic waste. I have to say I am really proud of Adidas’ big step forward to their 3D printed shoes, in order to reuse our current source such at the bottom of the Ocean’s waste that is feeding micro-plastic, to our dear marine life friends of about between 12,000 and 24,000 metric tons in 2014.

Photo: Courtesy Addidas

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