Not Just Us

Saw Them

The first time I got on a plane was to head to Tahiti with my parents, isbjorn2006__193__350652including my 8 months pregnant mom and my four year old little sister on a 24 h. flight with only one stop in the middle for the plane to reload for gas. For some mysterious and unknown reasons the plane that we were aboard, an air France booing, flew above  Greenland or at least somewhere around. It flew so low that we could see earth which was completely covered of snow, it just looked like a documentary on TV! And then, we saw a polar bear with her playing with baby. Thinking back it was crazy and how lucky we

Red Polar Bear, Bjargey Olafsdottir.

were! I thought it was amazing when I was expecting coconut trees with sandy beaches! But this experience will remain in my memory forever. Knowing that due to global warming certain species such as the Polar bears such as many others animals and plants specie  that could one day disappear is just intolerable. According to an article in world wild life, it was estimated in 2006 that 85% of the Polar bear’s home, ice (something that they depend on and cannot be replaced) where melting away which affected their specie survival directly due to global warming. But global warming isn’t just being problematic to the Polar bear, in fact it is being problematic to everyone including humans.  I really liked the impression left behind the photography of the Red Polar Bear from visual artist Bjargey Olafsdottir. I will let it speacks for itself.



As we can see team members  from the Zoological Society of London addressing the issue of this real threat that humans invasion has on wildlife. The worrying number of a global 52% decline in animal wildlife is leading us to the obvious: to take effort within our everyday commitment such as mentioned “reduce our carbon footprint”. But as I mentioned earlier animals aren’t the only one being impacted and nature, such as the tree, plants, organisms are being erased. Much of it is for our own consumption such as the coral reef but also impacted from pollution. While living in Tahiti I would go scuba diving and I had the chance to see the magnificent beauty of coral reef and the wildlife that is hosts. I have seen some of the most gorgeous fishes in this underworld, I wish anyone to have a close experience with nature and to value it’s importance as much as we are. The video below has a very good explanation of the importance of biodiversity in nature.



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